Know your Camera Settings


It is only proper that this be the first post on New Shutterbugs. If you have just got your first DSLR, or any camera, there may be options like ISO, shutter speed, aperture, exposure, etc. These settings are the key to getting beautifully balances and vibrant photos every time.

I will always remember my first day with my first DSLR. My husband drove me to Toronto to pick it up. I played with the settings all of the way home trying to figure out the manual settings.

I would suggest that you switch your camera to manual and start exploring the three major functions of a DSLR: ISO, aperture and shutter speed. It will only make you a much better photographer in the end. Knowing your settings like the back of your hand is what will take your photos to the next level. Let’s get started with ISO.


WHAT IS ISO? – ISO is the level of the camera’s sensitivity to the light let into the camera. There is a really great article for beginners learning about ISO from PhotographyLife.

Read it here ->


WHAT IS APERTURE? – Aperture can be one of the most important functions on a DSLR, and also one of the most difficult things to comprehend when learning about photography. Again, PhotographyLife has written an excellent article about understanding Aperture.

Read it here ->


WHAT IS SHUTTER SPEED? – Learning about shutter speeds will take your photo’s from good and AMAZING!! It is the function that allows you to freeze a object in time, or let you capture a night scene just the way you see it with your own eyes. Check out  the article from PhotographyLife about shutter speed.

Read it here ->


Now how about you go and put that camera on manual and start taking pictures using ISO, aperture and shutter speed and make them amazing. As this blog grows, we will be doing all kinds of fun things with these settings, so get to know them like the back of your hand!!